Introducing Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp’s featurefindIR™

October 25, 2023 1 min read

Photothermal featurefindIR

Systems for Research (SFR) is proud to announce the latest product solution – featurefindIR™ by its leading partner, Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp (PSC).


The featurefindIR provides rapid, automated detection, spectroscopic measurement, and chemical identification of microplastics and other particles, significantly improving the productivity of measurement and providing a basis for measurements of large number of samples in applications including but not limited to microplastics, defect contamination and cells analysis, as well as many other sample types.


As a standard product on the new MIRange systems. featureFindIR provides a standard, easy to use workflow for the detection and selection of required particles. This new automation is capable of offering rapid, automated detection, spectroscopic measurement, and chemical identification of particles.


featurefindIR process flow image


This innovation is particularly beneficial for researchers who wish to rapidly measure a larger number of relevant microplastics while providing dimensional information and determining their chemical ID with a dedicated µChemical ID database. Moving further, this data can be exported through CSV for further analysis as required.


featurefindIR improves productivity of measurement by providing different methods for identifying microplastics types, such as single wavelength imaging and fluorescence images. It is indeed a complete solution for measurement of microplastics ranging from submicron to millimeter in size. As an option, featurefindIR is available as an upgrade on existing standard mIRage and mIRage-LS systems along with the µChemical ID database.


Here’s a video demonstrating the ease of use that comes with the featurefindIR.