Foam Vitrobot Dewar & Metal Parts Set

  • NanoSoft's Foam Vitrification Dewar and Metal Parts are compatible with the Vitrobot, and can also provide a robust and easy option for custom, home-made Cryo-EM sample preparation systems. Furthermore, these parts are interchangeable with FEI parts, i.e. the foam dewar works with FEI metal parts and these metal parts work with the FEI foam dewar. The foam dewar provides a well-priced, easy to acquire, robust dewar for Cryo-EM sample preparation. The design provides an improved interface, when used in conjunction with the Igloo (#47000-710) to create a better seal on the foam dewar. This combination facilitates boiled, cold nitrogen gas in the head space above the dewar, allowing for safer grid transfer to the grid box.
    The Grid Box Ring (#47000-701) sits at the same height as the Vitrobot version (so grid boxes sit at same depth into dewar), but is slightly thicker and remains in contact with liquid nitrogen longer if the nitrogen level gets low. The ethane cup dimensions mimic those of the Vitrobot ethane cup, and the spider as well. These parts perform just as well or better with the Vitrobot system, but at a more affordable price than other options.