• Igloo for Vitrification Dewar

    NanoSoft€™s Igloo is a nearly enclosed cover that sits atop the Vitrobot dewar, with an opening large enough for comfortable grid button access and grid transfer. The volume enclosed by the Igloo fills with cold gaseous nitrogen, creating a dry space with improved protection versus the ambient environment. The Igloo is designed to fit comfortably over the floating styrofoam ring, minimizing the time that the styrofoam ring is exposed to ambient humidity and significantly reducing the potential for ice particulate contaminating the liquid nitrogen. The Igloo material is compatible with liquid nitrogen temperatures, allowing for easy refill with the Igloo on the dewar. Furthermore, the top surface of the Igloo remains comfortable to the touch, providing a convenient surface upon which the user can rest their hands for steady transfer.

    A tweezer holder is integrated into the top surface of the Igloo providing a slot into which the Vitrobot tweezers can be placed. When resting in the slot, the tips of the tweezers remain submerged in liquid ethane. This provides freedom to the user to not have to hold the tweezers submerged in liquid ethane during transfer of the dewar, focus both hands on holding the dewar when moving it from the Vitrobot, fill the dewar with liquid nitrogen, etc.