PELCO® Silicon Nitride Coated 3mm Disks (blanks)

Unit Size

  • These 3mm silicon disks have a 50nm ultra low stress silicon nitride layer (Si3N4) on both sides and can be used as specimen disks for AFM applications which need a Si3N4 background. Provide smooth background: Surface roughness has RMS (Rg) of 0.65 ±0.06nm which gives a mean roughness (RA) of 0.45 ±0.02nm

    more information on silicon nitride support films
    1. Film thickness: 50nm ultra low stress Si3N4 on both sides
    2. Disc thickness: 200µm silicon support
    3. Disc diameter: 3mm
    4. Surface roughness: The RMS (Rq) is 0.65 +/- 0.06nm which gives a mean roughness (Ra) of 0.45 +/- 0.02nm
    5. Packaging: The PELCO® Silicon Aperture Frames are packaged under cleanroom conditions in the PELCO® #160 TEM Grid Storage box. Each box holds 10 discs.
    MSDS (PDF - 367KB)