Thermo Fisher Scientific: 40 Years of Semiconductor Analysis Innovation

December 13, 2023 2 min read

Thermo Fisher: 40 years in semiconductor analysis innovation poster

For more than four decades, Thermo Fisher has been innovating physical and electrical analysis solutions for the electronics industry making it the world’s premier provider of ultra-high resolution tools for imaging and analysis at the nanoscale. 

The ongoing success can be traced back to 2016, when Thermo Fisher acquired FEI company, a leading electron microscopy organization in the semiconductor market. This acquisition was followed by FEI’s DualBeam systems and the world’s most powerful, commercially available transmission electron microscope (TEM).


Thermo Fisher Scientific: The Broadest Portfolio of Semiconductor Metrology Instruments

Thermo Fisher’s next generation products focus on advanced analytical capabilities for failure analysis, yield learning, and process control. 


To ensure the highest yield possible, Thermo Fisher’s electron microscopes and analytical instrumentation help control process steps and analyze the wafer environment throughout semiconductor manufacturing. 


Without a doubt, Thermo Fisher provides the broadest portfolio of semiconductor metrology, characterization and fault analysis instruments to accelerate pathfinding and development, maximize yields, and ensure the production of high-quality devices that meet current and future industry demands.


The Global Reach of Thermo Fisher Scientific  

Thermo Fisher instruments are used in numerous research, service labs and applications worldwide. It is also the preferred supplier of EFA, PFA, and metrology solutions with leading memory and logic integrated device manufacturers.



Supporting the Evolving Needs of Semiconductor Industry 

Thermo Fisher’s commitment to their customers include ongoing investment in innovative, industry leading solutions to meet evolving metrology and failure analysis needs. This promise is accompanied by the development of industry leading software for wafer, bare die or fully packaged chips to extract the cause of complex device defects. Along with, investments in local resources are done to support customer’s design verification, electrical, physical and elemental analysis, yield enhancement, process improvement and quality control analysis needs. 


At Systems for Research (SFR) we are extremely proud of our partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific. As the trusted representative and seller of Thermo Fisher Scientific all across Canada, we are proud to lend a helping hand in delivering innovation and years of excellence to your doorstep every step of the way. Our service team, a group of highly certified Thermo Fisher Scientific engineers, work to provide ourclients with uninterrupted and on-going local support for their research needs.