Vitreous Carbon Planchet


  • Lapped surface on one side for smoothness, also known as glassy carbon or glass-like carbon. For analytical SEM/EDX, X-ray analysis and chemical analysis applications.

    Vitreous carbon is an advanced materials of pure carbon combining glassy and ceramic properties with those of graphite. Impermeable to gases and liquids, high purity, corrosion resistant, thermal stability in air up to 600°C and in vacuum or inert gas up to 3,000°C. Good electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion and extreme resistance to thermal shock. Hard and strong (hardness = 230 HV1). Applications in the fields of chemical analysis, metallurgy, crystal growth, medical technology and in glass and ceramics research.

    MSDS (95KB PDF)

    High purity vitreous carbon with impurities less than 30ppm total.
    Typical chemical analysis of these vitreous carbon planchet is:

    Al 0.270 Cu 0.030 Sn 0.440
    Ba 0.081 Fe 0.920 Si 13.860
    Be 0.044 K 0.340 Sr 0.061
    Bi 0.050 Mg 0.052 Ti 0.096
    Ca 9.710 Mn 0.041 V 0.044
    Cd 0.044 Mo 0.044 W 0.089
    Co 0.089 Na 0.780 Zn 0.044
    Cr 0.091 Ni 0.120 Zr 0.062


    Physical Properties of Vitreous Carbon
    Maximum Service Temperature (vacuum or inert gas) 3000°C
    Density 1.42 g/cm³
    Open Porosity 0%
    Permeability Coefficient 10-9 cm²/s
    Vickers Hardness 230HV
    Flexural Strength 260 MPa
    Young's Modulus 35 GPa
    Compressive Strength 480 MPa
    Electrical Resistivity (30°C) 45Ωµm
    Thermal Conductivity (30°C) 6.3 W/(Km)
    Expansion Coefficient (20-200°C) 2.6 x 10-6/K

    - High Purity Vitreous Carbon Planchet 9.5mm dia. x 2mm

    - High Purity Vitreous Carbon Planchet 10mm dia. x 2mm

    - High Purity Vitreous Carbon Planchet 12.2mm dia. x 2mm

    - High Purity Vitreous Carbon Planchet 12.5mm dia. x 2mm

    - High Purity Vitreous Carbon Planchet 12.7mm dia. x 2mm

    16520- High Purity Vitreous Carbon Planchet 18mm dia. x 2mm

    - High Purity Vitreous Carbon Planchet 15mm dia. x 2mm

    16526 - High Purity Vitreous Carbon Planchet 25mm dia. x 3mm

    16528 - High Purity Vitreous Carbon Planchet 32mm dia. x 3.2mm