Uranyl Acetate Alternative

  • 19485 - Uranyl Acetate Alternative, 25ml

    A Gadolinium Triacetate-based stain as an alternative for Uranyl Acetate stain. Delivers comparable results without the authorization, shipping and disposal issue involved with Uranyl Acetate. Uranyl Acetate alternative is a non-radioactive stain; supplied as a concentrate. Works well for staining of plastic embedded animal and plant materials and a negative stain for macromolecules. Not recommended as a fixative.

    Reference article: Masamichi Nakakoshi, Hedeo Nishioka and Eisaku Katayama. New versatile staining reagents for biological transmission electron microscopy that substitute for uranyl acetate. Journal of Electron Microscopy 60(6): 401-407. 2011.

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