Universal Springloaded Vise

  • Interchangeable
    Modular SEM Specimen Holders

    This extensive line of specimen holders all have a female M4 thread and are compatible with all of our modular SEM Stage Adapters. If used with the Jeol or ZEISS/LEO dovetail stage adapter one of the adapter buttons 15372 or 15372-10 is needed.

    Universal Springloaded Vise with Reversible Clamps, M4
    shown holding a screw

    Springloaded vise clamp with reversible jaws for an opening up to 38mm. The universal jaws have special slots to firmly hold round samples of various diameters both horizontally and vertically. Maximum width of the jaws is 32mm. Material: machined aluminum with stainless steel springs, rods, screws, washers, and brass sliders. Overall size of the vise clamp is 67 x 52 x 20mm (2.64" x 2" x 0.8"). M4 threaded hole in base.

    Extended button (15372-10) is needed when used with the Dovetail stage adapters (15371 or 15397).

    Screws used are 2-56 x 1/8 cup point set screw, stainless steel and 4-40 x 1/4 , stainless steel.