Ultrasonic Cleaner Model 1800


  • Precision Cleaning Power
    Ultrasonic cleaning is faster, more thorough and safer than most other methods. Scrubbing, soaking and steam don't even come close. It is powerful enough to remove proteins, waxes and heavy oils. It penetrates to deflux circuit boards and SMDs, yet is gentle enough to clean tiny precision assemblies. Ultrasonic sound waves moving through a cleaning solution create an effect called cavitation, the rapid formation and implosion of microscopic bubbles. Heat enhances the process. This is the source of ultrasonic effectiveness in cleaning. Very effective to clean specimens, lab tools, microscopy parts, embedded samples, specimen mounts, etc.
    New Design
    Leakproof and foolproof. Easier to handle and safer to fill. Sealed tight to prevent leaks. The controls are easily accessible and resistant to spills. The control board is mounted high and vertical, to stay dry. Tank drains with valve on models 3800 and 5800.

    Choice of Models
    Ultrasonic Cleaners w/mechanical timer
    Ultrasonic Cleaners w/heat/mechanical timer
    Ultrasonic Cleaners w/digital heat, digital timer, de-gas and temperature monitor

    De-gas Feature
    Helpful at start-up. Ultrasonic pulses, activated before cleaning begins, remove unwanted air bubbles from the solution. This gives better results due to higher cleaning efficiency.

    Digital Feature
    Control of cycle time and temperature with clear readouts and one-touch setting. Maintains batch-to-batch consistently because the Cleaner resets automatically to the last time and temperature settings.

    Developed to make specimen handling easier. The most effective cleaning action occurs about one inch (2.5cm) from the tank's bottom. Using a tray gives more beneficial cleaning power.

    (1/2 gal. / 1.91 liters)
    Tank Size: 139.7 x 152.4 x 101.6mm (5.5 x 6 x 4")
    Overall Size: 254 x 304.8 x 292mm (10 x 12 x 11.5" )
    Tank Capacity: 1.91L (1/2 gal.); Weight: 3.18kg (7 lbs.)
    Frequency: 40kHz
    Cover included
    (UL, CSA, ISO 9001 certified)

    Mechanical Timer, 80 watts