Ultra-Flat Thermal SiO2 Substrates


  • 21620-6




    200nm Thermal Oxide on ø6" Ultra-Flat Wafer,
    Type <100>, in 6" wafer carrier
    200nm Thermal Oxide on 5x5mm diced Ultra-Flat Wafer,
    Type <100>, in Gel-Pak box
    200nm Thermal Oxide on 5x7mm diced Ultra-Flat Wafer,
    Type <100>, in Gel-Pak box
    200nm Thermal Oxide on 10x10mm diced Ultra-Flat Wafer,
    Type <100>, in Gel-Pak box




    The Ultra-Flat SiO2 substrates consist of a 200nm thermally grown amorphous SiO2 film on an ultra-flat silicon wafer. SiO2 is one of the most characterized materials and is widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, thin film research and as substrate for growing cells. It can be directly used as substrate for AFM and SEM imaging.
    The ultra-flat thermal silicon dioxide substrates are available in 6" wafer and conveniently diced 5x5mm, 5x7mm and 10x10mm chips.
    The 6" wafer is shipped in a 6" wafer carrier, the diced pieces are shipped in a Gel-Pak box.
    The special clean dicing process involves coating the wafer with photo resist before dicing and removing it after dicing which produces debris-free SiO2 substratres.
    All products are packed in class 10 clean room conditions.

    Properties for thermal SiO2 substrates:

    1. Orientation: <100>
    2. Grade: Prime / CZ Virgin
    3. Resistance: 1-50 Ohm/cm
    4. Type: P / Dopant: Boron
    5. Wafer Thickness: 655-695 µm
    6. TTV: <= 7µm / STIR: <= 1.0µm
    7. Warp: <=40µm / Bow: <= 40µm
    8. Particles: <=20@>= 3.0µm
    9. Front surface: Polished
    10. Back Surface: Etched
    11. Flat: 1 per SEMI Standard (flat length 57.5+/12.5mm)
    12. Film: 200nm +/- 5% Thermal Oxide (SiO2), amorphous
    13. Size: 6" (150mm) diameter wafer or 5x5mm, 5x7mm or 10x10mm diced chips
    14. Roughness: Typical 2-3 Å