Triangular Test Grating for X- or Y-axis


  • The TGT-1500 test grating is intended for SPM calibration in X- or Y-axis, determination of lateral and vertical scanner nonlinearity, detection of angular distortion and tip characterization. Nominal values for height and pitch are given below. Actual values come with the test grating.

    Structure: Si wafer with grating in top surface
    Pattern type: 1-D array of triangular steps with precise linear and angular dimensions
    Edge angle: approximately 70 degrees
    Edge Radius: ≤10nm
    Pattern Height: 1.8µm - non-calibrated, for information only
    Pitch: 3 ±0.01µm
    Chip size: 5 x 5 x 0.5mm
    Effective area: Central square of 3 x 3mm

    Note: Values for step heights are nominal; actual step height is given with the product and could be ±5%