Test Grating for X-, Y- and Z-direction


  • The TG3D-3000/20 test grating with its truly 3-Dimensional structure is intended for simultaneous calibration in X-, Y- and Z-direction, lateral calibration of SPM scanners and detection of any lateral nonlinearity, hysteresis, creep and cross-coupling effects.

    Structure: Si wafer with SiO2 layer for grating
    Pattern type: 3-Dimensional array of small squares
    Height: 20 ±1.5nm
    Square size: 1.5 ±0.15µm
    Period: 3 ±0.05µm
    Chip size: 5 x 5 x 0.5mm
    Effective area: Central square of 3 x 3mm

    Note: The precision on the height is based on the measurement of 5 gratings (randomly selected from a batch of 300 gratings) by an SPM calibrated by a PTB certified TGZ-20 grating. The basic step height can vary from the specified one within 10% (example: step height can be 22 ±1.5nm).