IRIS TF TERS Probe 5-Pack

  • Bruker’s Exclusive TERS-AFM Probes

    Reliable high performance probes are the central and non-trivial part of any tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) solution. Bruker’s exclusive high contrast TERS probes uniquely provide full access to measurement on a wide range of samples. Bruker’s reliable TERS-AFM tuning fork based probes exhibit zero spectral interference (no feedback laser) delivering superior sensitivity with high confidence.

    We provide defined performance specifications for these probes:

    • Consistently high enhancement (proprietary optimized fabrication)
    • Long shelf life and reliability at any laser power (solid gold)
    • Proven performance at 633nm excitation.
    • 5-pack of IRIS tuning fork AFM TERS Probes
    • TERS probes for 633nm using tuning fork force feedback
    • For use with Innova-IRIS only with special cartridge
    • Pre-mounted probes on tuning fork for easier and safer handling
    • Performance of the TERS-AFM probes can be confirmed using TERS-SMPL
    • Guaranteed performance of 5 out of 10 probes reach to reach 2 contrast (tip-in vs tip-out) on TERS-SMPL
    • 10e5 enhancement is achievable routinely with the TERS-AFM probes on the TERS-SMPL using Innova-IRIS and tuning fork FM feedback. 633nm laser excitation and 1 sec integration