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Diamond-Like-Carbon Coated Soft Tapping Mode AFM Probe

  • Diamond-Like-Carbon Coated Soft Tapping Mode AFM Probe

    Monolithic silicon AFM probe for soft tapping mode operation.

    High durability and hydrophobicity due to Diamond-Like-Carbon coating on tip side of the cantilever

    The rotated tip allows for more symmetric representation of high sample features. The consistent tip radius ensures good resolution and reproducibility.

    The AFM holder chip fits most commercial AFM systems as it is industry standard size.

    For measurements in liquids please use the back side gold coated Tap150GD-G or the overall gold coated Tap150GB-G!

  • AFM Tip

    SHAPE Rotated
    Tip Height 17µm - From 15µm To 19µm
    Tip Setback 15µm - From 10µm To 20µm
    Tip Radius < 15nm
    Half Cone Angle 20°-25° along cantilever axis, 25°-30° from side, 10° at the apex
  • AFM Cantilever

    Shape Beam
    Force Constant 5N/m - From 1.5N/m To 15N/m
    Resonance Frequency 150kHz - From 75kHz To 225kHz
    Length 125µm - From 115µm To 135µm
    Width 25µm - From 20µm To 30µm
    Thickness 2.1µm - From 1.1µm To 3.1µm