Stage adapter for FEI/Philips SEM / FESEM and DualBeam Systems


  • Two different heights are available, either as a complete assembly with pillar, base and locking nuts or as individual items. The pillar is made form non-binding brass to enable smooth height adjustment. The base and locking nuts are made from vacuum grade aluminum. Thread on the stage adapter items is M6-fine.

    15286 - Standard SEM Stage Adapter for FEI/Philips, 40mm height, Includes pillar, base and two locking nuts

    15287 - Short SEM Stage Adapter for FEI/Philips, 20mm height, Include short pillar and two locking nuts

    15368-10 - FEI/Philips Stage Adapter Base only

    15368-30 - FEI/Philips Stage Adapter Locking Nut only

    15286-40 - FEI/Philips Stage Adapter Standard Pillar 40mm only

    15287-20 - FEI/Philips Stage Adapter Short Pillar 20mm only