Stage Adapter for FEI / Philips SEM / FESEM and DualBeam Systems


  • Made of brass pillar and aluminum base and locking nuts. This particular material choice prevents "binding" of parts in the SEM stage. Available in standard version with standard pillar, base and two locking nuts and short version with short pillar and two locking nuts. Pillar with M6-fine thread and M4 thread on top. Can be used with any of the of the Modular SEM Specimen Holders if the SEM stage travel permits this.

    15368 - Standard Modular Stage Adapter for FEI/Philips (40mm H) (Standard Pillar, Base and two Locking Nuts)

    15368-2 - Short Modular Stage Adapter for FEI/Philips (20mm H) (Short Pillar and two Locking Nuts)

    15368-10 - FEI/Philips Stage Adapter Base only

    15368-20 - FEI/Philips Standard Stage Adapter Pillar only, 40mm

    15368-25 - FEI/Philips Short Stage Adapter Pillar only, 20mm

    15368-45 - FEI/Helios Long Stage Pillar only, 45mm

    15368-30 - FEI/Philips Stage Adapter Locking Nut only