Small PELCO SEMClamp™ 15 x 10mm

  • Interchangeable
    Modular SEM Specimen Holders

    This extensive line of specimen holders all have a female M4 thread and are compatible with all of our modular SEM Stage Adapters. If used with the Jeol or ZEISS/LEO dovetail stage adapter one of the adapter buttons 15372 or 15372-10 is needed.

    Small PELCO SEMClamp™ 15 x 10mm, M4
    ELCO SEMClamp™ shown holding a wire

    PELCO SEMClamp™ holder 15mm (0.6") long with 10mm (0.4") wide clamping area. Convenient holder for clamping down samples up to a thickness of 7mm under the clamping strips.

    Extended Button Adapter (15372-10) is needed when used with the Dovetail stage adapters (15371 or 15397).

    Overall dimensions 23 x 20 x 9mm (0.9" x 0.78" x 0.35"). Material: machined aluminum with brass screws.

    Screws used are M2 x 10mm, pan head screw, brass and M2 x 6mm, pan head screw, brass.