Single Hitachi M4 Mount Storage Tube and Mailer

  • tube for SEM specimen Hitachi M4 mounts
    Single Hitachi Mount Storage Tube and Mailer, M4, pkg/10

    A 15mm diameter, M4 threaded Hitachi mount can be protected and held securely in the cap (base) of the tube on a M4 screw.

    Suitable for ø15mm Hitachi Mounts. Hitachi Mounts are sold separately. Inside dimension of clear tube: ø21mm (0.83"), max sample height on stub is 20mm (0.79"). Outside dimensions are ø23mm (0.9") with a height of 52mm (2.05"). Clear tube is made of polystyrene, cap is made of low density polyethylene (LDPE). Sold in packs of 10.