Silicon Monoxide with removable Formvar


  • Substrates, Support Films
    for Transmission Electron Microscopy Grids

    PELCO® TEM grid Support Films of Formvar, Formvar/Carbon, Carbon, and Silicon Monoxide are available on the following 3.05mm O.D. grids: 0.4 x 2mm single slot Cu, 75 mesh Cu, 200 mesh Cu,Ni or Au, 200 mesh Hex Mo, 300 mesh Cu, Ni or Au, 300 mesh Hex Mo, and 400 mesh Cu, Ni, Au, Al, Ti and stainless steel.

    Support films on the finer mesh grids can withstand considerable handling during specimen preparation. Those on slot and 75 mesh grids require more gentle handling and are ideal for those applications requiring large viewing areas without grid bar interference.

    Our popular line of PELCO NetMesh™ Grids (our trademarked lacey films) are available on 200, 300 and 400 mesh grids. These robust films allow for viewing of specimens without interference from underlying support film material.

    The complete PELCO® line of support films meets the requirements of most applications in all fields of electron microscopy.

    TEM Support Film Product Note, How Material is Layered on the Grid.

    Consult the Support Film / Substrate Application Guide below for suggestions on support film choice:

    PELCO® TEM Grid Support Film Application Guide

    This Support Film Application Guide will help you determine what support film to use for your particular transmission electron microscopy project. Once you have decided which substrate best suits your needs, you can go back up on the page for a listing of available Support Films and pricing.

    B = Best;     G = Good Alternative;   - = Not Suitable

    Substrate Application

    Stabilized with Carbon
    Silicon Monoxide
    on Formvar
    Silicon Monoxide
    on Type-A
    Is Lacey Film suitable for this application?
    Applications Requiring Pure Formvar B - - - - - - No
    Bacterial Suspensions - G B B B B B Yes
    Cell Fragment Suspensions - B B B B B B Yes
    Diffraction Studies - - G G B B B Yes
    EDS (energy dispersive spectrometry) - G - - B B G Yes
    High Resolution Microscopy - G G B B B B Yes
    High Temperature Techniques / Heating Stage - - - G B - B Yes
    (Type A)
    Low Magnification Microscopy G B B G G B G No
    Particulate Suspension, Biological - G B B B B B Yes
    Particulate Suspension, Non-biological - G B B B B B Yes
    Powders, Dry - G B G G B G No
    Replicas & Low Temperature Techniques G B - - G B G Yes
    Thin Sections G B G B G B G Yes
    Viral Suspensions - G G B B B B Yes

    Typically packaged in PELCO® TEM Grid Storage Box (Product Number 160) but is subject to change to other equally suitable grid storage boxes.

  • Silicon Monoxide

    Silicon monoxide produces a highly resilient support film which can withstand vigorous specimen preparation techniques. It has low background contrast, is stable under the electron beam and is less hydrophobic than carbon. We offer two types of silicon monoxide support films:

    Silicon Monoxide Type-A: Silicon monoxide with a removable Formvar backing on the opposite side of the grid. When the Formvar is removed, by dipping in solvent, a pure Silicon Monoxide film remains. These films are stable under all EM operating conditions and for use where the presence of Formvar cannot be tolerated. Pure Silicon Monoxide is more delicate than those with Formvar backing and require more careful handling during specimen preparation.

    1. 01829 - Silicon Monoxide Type-A, Removable Formvar, 300 mesh, Copper - pkg/25
    2. 01829-F - Silicon Monoxide Type-A, Removable Formvar, 300 mesh, Copper approx. grid hole size: 63µm - pkg/50

    PELCO® Technical Notes, Removal of Formvar Film From Carbon Type-A and Silicon Monoxide Type-A Support Films, Product Numbers 01820, 21, 22, 22F, 29, 29F, 1890, 90F (81KB PDF)