High Resolution Tapping Mode AFM Probe

  • High Resolution Tapping Mode AFM Probe

    Single carbon spike on silicon apex!

    The SHR300 is based on BudgetSensors' well established Tap300GB-G probe and it is suitable for high resolution, high frequency non-contact / tapping mode operation

    This model features a single sharp hydrophobic diamond-like carbon extratip at the apex of gold coated silicon etched probe. There are no additional smaller extratips near the main one, just one well defined extratip.

    The AFM holder chip fits most commercial AFM systems as it is industry standard size.

  • AFM Tip

    SHAPE Very Sharp for High Resolution
    Tip Height 17µm
    From 15µm To 19µm
    Tip Setback 15µm
    From 10µm To 20µm
    Tip Radius < 1nm
    Half Cone Angle 20°-25° along cantilever axis, 25°-30° from side, 10° at the apex
  • AFM Cantilever

    Shape Beam
    Force Constant 40N/m - From 20N/m To 75N/m
    Resonance Frequency 300kHz - From 200kHz To 400kHz
    Length 125µm - From 115µm To 135µm
    Width 30µm - From 25µm To 35µm
    Thickness 4µm - From 3µm To 5µm