Sharpened, 1 lever, 0.4N/m, Al Reflex coating

  • ScanAsyst-Air-HR probes are specifically designed for use with the ScanAsyst-HR fast scanning accessory on the MultiMode 8 AFM.  Enjoy up to 20X faster survey scan rates and up to 6X faster scans with no loss of resolution.  This remarkable development leverages Brukers exclusive ScanAsyst® Self-Optimizing Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging Mode, which has established itself as the industry standard for AFM ease of use.  The result is the high-speed ScanAsyst-HR - an imaging mode not just capable of high resolution at fast speeds, but also incredibly easy to use.

    If you have an older MultiMode model please contact us  to find out how to upgrade it to a MultiMode 8 AFM with high speed ScanAsyst-HR.

  • Tip Geometry: Rotated (Symmetric)
    Tip Height: 5
    Tip Radius (Nom): 2
    Tip Radius (Max): 12
    Tip Set Back (Nom): 2.5
    Tip Set Back( RNG): 0 - 7
  • All ScanAsyst-Air-HR probes have less than 2º of cantilever bend.

    Cantilever Material: Silicon Nitride
    Cantilever Thickness (Nom): 0.5
    Cantilever Geometry: Special
    Cantilevers Number: 1
    Back Side Coating: Reflective Aluminum