Quick Lid

  • NanoSoft's Quick Lid is a simple way to protect already vitrified samples from ice particulate and other contamination that builds up in the Vitrobot dewar during sample preparation. When placed on top of a grid box, the Quick Lid acts like a shield keeping contamination out of the pockets of the grid box.

    Simply cool the Quick Lid in liquid nitrogen before placing on the grid box. When a sample is ready to be placed in the grid box, place the Quick Lid in one of the empty grid box positions in the aluminum ring (keeping it under liquid nitrogen) and replace it after the grid is positioned.

    The weight of the stainless steel Quick Lid keeps it in place on the grid box, reliably protecting grids from contamination. The bottom side of the lid has a small nub that easily fits into the center hole of any cryo grid box, keeping it in place. The top of the Quick Lid has a shaped pin that allows for easy transfer of the lid with the Cryo Grid Metal Gripper Tool (#160-50) or most types of tweezers.