Pin Mount Adapters to Hitachi M4 Thread (Height extenders)


  • The pin mount adapters to M4, with standard 3.2mm (1/8") hole in the top and M4 thread in the base are available in 4 sizes:

    1. Ø15 x 15mm H (low)
    2. Ø16 x 25mm H (medium)
    3. Ø16 x 38mm H (high)
    4. Ø16 x 55mm H (extended)

    They enable the use of standard pin mounts with 3.2mm (1/8") pin on Hitachi M4 thread. Longer adapters are used for short working distances without raising the specimen stage. Made from vacuum grade aluminum with stainless steel set screw. Allen wrench included.

    When combined with the pin mount adapters (#15319, #15319-9 or #15319-2) these pin to M4 adapters can also be used as height extenders for pin mount style stage used on FEI/Philips, ZEISS/LEO/, Cambridge, Leica, Tescan, CamScan and Amray SEMs. They can even be stacked to make them higher.