Pin Mount Adapter to Hitachi M4 or ISI/ABT/Topcon mounts

  • SEM Specimen Mount Adapters

    This line of SEM specimen mount adapters enables the use of all current style of mounts on all current SEM. Pin mounts, common on FEI/Philips, Zeiss/LEO, Cambridge Instruments, Leica, Amray, Tescan and CamScan, can be used on JEOL, Hitachi and ISI/ABT/Topcon SEMs and vice versa.

    Pin mount adapter, 15 x 10mm H with M4 thread on one side. Enables the use of standard pin mount with 1/8" (3.2mm) pin on Hitachi or ISI/ABT/Topcon SEMs. Made from aluminum with stainless set screw. Allen wrench included. Note: when the adapter is mounted on the Hitachi stage 6mm height is left, this will leave any mounts with pin longer than 6mm with the pin mount sticking out of the adapter.

    Specimen Pin-Mount Adapter, 15 x 10mm L with M4 thread on one side