Pelcotec™ SFG12 Finder Grid Substrate

  • The innovative Pelcotec™ SFG12 finder grid substrate is a flat, conductive silicon substrate with a die size of 12.5 x 12.5mm. It is covered with a 1 x 1mm raster giving a total of 12x12=144 fields. Each field has a unique label using an alphanumeric pattern. The lines and labels are precision laser etched in the silicon surface. It is the best combination of a flat specimen support and an SEM finder grid.

    This unique and innovative product has some resemblance with an engraved SEM specimen mount, but it has a number of additional advantages:

    1. Flat - there are no height differences like with copper finder grids
    2. Fine pattern over a large area - better defined than engraved SEM mounts
    3. Low background signal - same as with Si chip substrates
    4. For EDX analysis only one element (Si) from the finder substrate
    5. Practical and easy to navigate - 1mm spacing with 144 fields
    6. Pattern is visible with naked eye, preparation microscope and SEM
    7. Gives an approximate size at (very) low magnification
    8. Can easily be mounted on SEM sample stubs - compatible with most popular sizes
    9. Can be used with SEM, FIB, XPS/ESCA, Auger and LM

    Specifications of the silicon substrate used: prime virgin silicon wafer, P Boron doped, <100> orientation, resistivity of 0.5-35 ohm/cm, thickness 645 µm ±55µm.