Pelcotec™ G-1 Silicon Calibration Specimen - 1µm Pitch


  • Includes 1µm, 10µm and 100µm pitch

    The Pelcotec™ G-1 calibration specimen with a 1µm pitch grid is very useful for magnification calibration or image distortion check in the 100x to 10,000x magnification range. Can be used for SEM, Auger, Sims, FIB, and LM (reflected light). Specimen may also be mounted directly on the Pelcotec™ G-1 which will give an accurate internal calibration in the image. Particularly useful when working with powders. Possible alternative for the SIRA calbration specimen (0.462µm pitch) which is no longer available.

    The Pelcotec™ G-1 has the following specifications:

    1. Total calibration area is 3x3mm with a 1µm pitch grid
    2. Lines at 10um and 100um are thicker for easy orientation
    3. Includes 1µm, 10µm and 100µm pitch
    4. 300nm +/- 30nm deep line etched in ultraflat Si
    5. Line width is 200nm at 1µm, 300nm at 10µm and 400nm at 100µm pitch lines
    6. Precision is 1µm +/- 0.025µm with a perpendicularity better than 0.01°
    7. Serial number etched on each Pelcotec™ G-1 calibration standard
    8. NIST traceable version is Pelcotec™ G-1T
    9. Individually fully certified version is Pelcotec™ G-1C
    10. Si die size is 4x4mm with a thickness of 525µm +/-20µm, <100> orientation
    11. Boron doped silicon wafer with a resistivity of 5-10 Ohm/cm
    12. Available unmounted or mounted on SEM specimen mounts

    To avoid contamination of test and calibration samples, we recommend storing these under vacuum. For the standard SEM pin mounts, the #16179 PELCO® SEM Sample Stub Vacuum Desiccatorwould be ideal.

    Details for Pelcotec™ G-1 Calibration Specimen

    Enlarged view of grid pattern

    SEM image of grid pattern

    See information on SEM mounts

    NIST Traceable Pelcotec™ G-1T Calibration Standards.
    633-1 Sample Certificate of Traceability (157KB PDF)

    Individually Certified Pelcotec™ G-1C Calibration Standards.
    633-11 Sample Certificate of Calibration (185KB PDF)