• Intended for BSD response curve calibration for GSR and contains, Ge, Rh, Au, C, Si, Co and a 200µm Cu aperture grid in a 12.7mm aluminum pin stub. Compatible with Oxford Instruments EDS Systems.

    Representative Certificate of Suitability for Purpose - for PELCO® XCS-22 Calibration Standard (236KB PDF)

    Composition for NBS SRM 1155 ANSI 316 Stainless Steel
    C = 0.044% V = 0.047% Ni = 12.26%
    Si = 0.509% Cr = 18.46% Co = 0.12%
    P = 0.02% Mn = 1.64%
    M0 = 2.38% Fe = 64.345%
    12.7mm (1/2") High Purity Aluminum Pin Stub Specifications
  • PELCO® XCS EDS Calibration Standards

    The PELCO® XCS EDS Calibration Standards are practical, high quality and compact EDS calibration standards using a high purity 12.7mm (1/2") pin stub as retainer. The small size of the pin stub allows for using the PELCO® XCS Calibration Standard alongside specimens on readily available multi pin stub holders. This enables quick in-situ calibration and regular performance tests of the EDS system, Back Scattered Electron Detector and light element detection performance of the EDS detector. The pure elements and compounds are mounted in the 12.7mm (1/2") stubs using a highly conductive silver epoxy. All PELCO® XCS Calibration Standards are carbon coated for improved conductivity. The PELCO® XCS EDS Calibration Standards are available in 7 fixed configurations.