• The PELCO X-Checker™ Wafer is available for systems set up for silicon wafer handling. The PELCO X-Checker™ Wafer is available on standard 200mm (8") and 300mm (12") wafers, with eight standards for elemental and spatial calibrations.

    The #602-20 and #602-21 contain:

    1. Copper disc to check spectral calibration
    2. Manganese 88%, nickel 12% alloy to measure full width at half max (FWHM) detector resolution
    3. Nickel 400 mesh TEM grid for imaging calibration
    4. PTFE as a fluorine source to measure low energy resolution
    5. Carbon to monitor calibration at the low end of the spectrum for thin window detectors
    6. Aluminum foil disc
    7. Boron nitride to test low energy performance/peak separation
    8. 304 stainless steel for checking quantification
    Instruction booklet and clamshell wafer storage case included.