• Monitor Energy Dispersive Spectrometer/SEM Systems

    PELCO X-Checker™ is a calibration aid to help you monitor the performance of your EDS X-ray system on an SEM. PELCO X-Checker™ contains a series of standard materials on your choice of aluminum mount. With PELCO X-Checker™, you can check your detector resolution and calibration, test for contamination on the detector window, monitor low-end sensitivity, and calibrate your image analysis software. When was the last time you checked the performance of your EDS system?

    The #602 and #602-A contain:

    1. Manganese to measure full width at half max (FWHM) detector resolution
    2. Aluminum and copper to check spectral calibration
    3. Carbon to monitor calibration at the low end of the spectrum for thin window detectors.
    4. Nickel TEM grid sizes, 40 x 40µm and 18 x 18µm, with ±5% accuracy, are furnished for checking image analysis software calibration. They also facilitate an easy test for monitoring the amount of vacuum pump oil contamination on the detector window
    Instruction booklet and storage case included.

    602 - PELCO X-CHECKER™: Mn, Cu, C, 400 and 1000 mesh Ni grids, ø25 x 5mm cylinder mount

    602-A - PELCO X-CHECKER™: Mn, Cu, C, 400 and 1000 mesh Ni grids, ø12.7mm Al stub