PELCO SynapTek GridStick™


  • staining and storage for EM

    An inexpensive device to reduce or eliminate precipitate and dirt from your electron microscopy grids during staining. The PELCO SynapTek GridStick™ is manufactured from a thin but rigid alloy that does not react with commonly used organic solvents and stains. The stick is 4mm wide by 75mm long and has a slot along its center with small undercut notches on one side to make grid removal simple.

    A small area on top of each stick is reserved for identification (use a fine point permanent ink pen).

    The PELCO SynapTek GridStick™ is coated with a specially formulated pressure-sensitive adhesive. This adhesive holds the grids in place during staining, emulsion coating, carbon coating, shadow casting and serial section collection.

    The PELCO SynapTek GridStick™ will fit into conventional Pasteur pipettes. The grids lie in the same plane as the solution flow, minimizing chances of breaking Formvar films and collecting surface debris.

    The PELCO SynapTek GridStick™ was developed in conjunction with PELCO SynapTek™ Grids. Other grids may be used provided they have sufficient thickness to avoid bending when being removed from the adhesive on the PELCO SynapTek GridStick™. PELCO SynapTek™ Grids are 100µm thick.

    Technical Notes: Uranyl Acetate - Lead Citrate Instructions
    SynapTek GridStick™ Staining (428KB PDF)

    Ordering Information
    Complete PELCO SynapTek GridStick™ Kit:

    1. 5 coated GridSticks
    2. 10 Staining Pipettes
    3. 2 flow-limiting Plugs and Bulbs
    4. Instructions

    Note: Staining Pipettes are fire polished, heat annealed, acid cleaned, blow dried with filtered compressed air and capped.

    1. PELCO Synaptek GridStick™ Kit, each

    SynapTek™ Replacement Components

    1. PELCO Synaptek GridSticks™ (uncoated), pkg/10
    2. Staining Pipettes with 2 flow limiting plugs, pkg/20