PELCO Small FIB Grid Holder


  • SEM Pin Mount Specimen Holders
    for Scanning Electron Microscopy

    A large selection of SEM specimen holders for SEMs, FESEMs, and FIB systems, which are using the standard 3.2mm (1/8") pin type mount. Some of the larger holders require a larger specimen chamber and a larger stage. Depending on the available distance, Z-movement and maximum specimen height provided by the specimen stage in the SEM, pin stub extenders might be added to obtain the optimized working height. See Hitachi M4 Holders if you have a Hitachi SEM, FESEM, or FIB system. These specimen holders can also be used on JEOL SEMs if a pin mount adapter to JEOL cylinder mount is used (#15362, #15362-12, #15362-15, #16153-9, or #16216-9).
    Used on FEI/Philips, ZEISS, LEO, Leica, Cambridge Instruments, CamScan and Tescan SEMs

    Simple, but effective PELCO® FIB grid holder based on a standard ø12.7mm (1/2") pin stub. This holder holds up to 2 FIB grids of the same thickness. Can also be used to safely store FIB grids with thin sections with attached to them. Overall dimensions are ø12.7mm (1/2") x 7.8mm (0.3mm) H w/o pin. Pin is standard ø3.2mm (1/8"). Material: vacuum grade aluminum with brass screw. Philips screwdriver #0 included.

    15464 - PELCO® Small FIB Grid Holder, ø12.7mm, Pin, each

    15464-20 - Replacement Brass Screws, pkg/10