PELCO® SEM Specimen Preparation Station

  • This solid aluminum support block is a great practical tool for preparing samples on SEM specimen mounts. The SEM mounts are securely held by the specimen preparation station in an upright position providing a horizontal mounting plane. It holds 10 specimen mounts in identifiable numbered positions. Also ideally suited for examining mounted specimens under a stereo microscope. This versatile SEM specimen preparation station accommodates 3 types of SEM specimen mounts:

    1. Standard pin stubs with 3.2mm (1/8") pins used on FEI/Philips, ZEISS/LEO, Tescan, CamScan, Leica, Cambridge Instruments, Aspex and RJ Lee SEMs on side 1
    2. 10mm cylinder mounts used in JEOL SEMs on side 2
    3. 15mm cylinder mounts used in Hitachi SEMs on side 2
    Each station is 75mm (3") in diameter with a thickness of 25mm (1").