PELCO SampleBond™ Adhesive

  • PELCO SampleBond™ Adhesive, 20ml

    The PELCO SampleBond™ Adhesive has been especially developed for sample bonding to supports. It is a thin, fast curing cyanoacrylate type adhesive which can be used as a cleaner alternative to wax for mounting samples to glass for TEM/FIB thinning procedures. Ideal for bonding metals, silicon, ceramics and other non-porous materials to similar materials or to glass. Can also be used to bond thin samples together for cross section procedures. Samples glued with PELCO SampleBond™ can be easily debonded (removed) from the support by using #19920 PELCO® Pro Cyanoacrylate Debonder. Supplied in 20ml bottle with dispenser tip, closed with PTFE coated steel pin for optimum seal.

    Cyanoacrylate Brand Cross Reference and Technical Data

    I - 16024 SDS (180KB PDF)


    Cg Suspected Carcinogen
    C Corrosive
    F Flammable
    I Irritant
    L Lachrymator
    O Oxidizing
    R Radioactive
    S Sensitizer
    T Toxic
    U Unlisted as hazard; unknown hazard if any