PELCO Q Pin Stubs


  • PELCO® Scanning Electron Microscopy Pin Stubs

    A new fundamentally improved pin stub for correlative, corroborative and repetitive microscopy.

    The PELCO® Q Pin Stubs have been especially designed for correlative microscopy, corroborative SEM investigations and repetitive SEM imaging/analysis and specimen preparation. The square PELCO® Q Stubs have an easy to locate reference notch on one of the corners. Using the SEM X and Y stage movements and read-outs, each position on the PELCO® Q Stub can be easily indexed to the reference notch. Once the position of a location is recorded with reference to the reference notch, the location can be easily found again using the same SEM, another SEM or FIB system, X-ray imaging system, Auger system, SIMS, light microscope or any imaging system with X and Y stage movements. It will work with manual, motorized and computerized stages as long as there is a position read-out. Depending on the precision of the stage, the recorded position can be retrieved with an accuracy of ±5µm. The reference notch in the corner of the PELCO® Q Stubs enables intrinsic indexing – no additional holders needed and the locations are all relative to the notch in the stub.

    The sample surface of the PELCO® Q Stubs is square for easy alignment of the sides of the Q Stub with the X and Y movements of the sample stage. An additional advantage is the larger sample surface area; over 20% larger than round stubs. Below the square top, the PELCO® Q Stubs are identical to the conventional round pin mounts and are fully compatible with existing SEM grippers, storage boxes, sample preparation equipment and most multiple pin stub holders. Carbon tape such as #16073-1 can be used to make carbon tabs which cover the complete square surface.

    The PELCO® Q Pin Stubs are available in 12.7mm (1/2"), 19mm (3/4") and 25.4mm (1") square sample surface and a standard 3.2mm (1/8") pin. Compatible with SEMs, FESEMs and SEM/FIB systems from FEI/Philips, Tescan, Cambridge, Leica, Amray, ASPEX, and Camscan. Also suitable for Zeiss/LEO if they can cope with the longer 9mm pin instead of the standard 6mm pin.

    Features and benefits of the PELCO® Q Pin Stubs

    1. Reference notch for intrinsic indexing of any location on the Q Stub
    2. Square shape for easy alignment with the X-Y axis of SEM stage
    3. Reliable retrieval of any position on the Q Stub
    4. Ideal for correlative microscopy; same locations can be easily found on multiple imaging/analyzing platforms with X-Y axis
    5. Enables corroborative microscopy; share between SEM platforms or re-investigate same position afterwards
    6. Perfect for repetitive microscopy and repetitive sample prep procedures; exact same position can be easily found and imaged over again
    7. Larger sample area than traditional round stubs
    8. Fully compatible with all existing tools, grippers, SEM holders and specimen preparation equipment