PELCO® Pro Locking, very sharp, fine tips

  • Anti-acid, non-magnetic stainless steel.

    The PELCO® Pro Locking tweezers are the same quality as the PELCO® Pro High Precision tweezers with an easy to use high quality locking system added. The tweezers and the locking mechanism are made from a non-magnetic, low carbon stainless steel. The tweezers exhibit good corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts and acids. The locking mechanism makes it easier to hold specimens or parts without the need to assert pressure on the tweezers all the time. The locking mechanism slider has an anti-slip surface for easy operation. Some people find locking tweezers easier to use than reverse or cross-over tweezers. Typical applications include sample handling, manufacturing, sample processing and parts loading. Although the tweezers are made from a non-magnetic alloy, they are not recommended for use where strong magnetic fields are present. Available in 5 styles.

    Prod # Description Style Length Metal Points
    Width x Thickness
    4703-NM PELCO® Pro Locking, very sharp, fine tips 3 120mm NM-SS 0.17 x 0.10mm