PELCO® Pro High Precision Tweezers Set

  • 12 styles. Anti-acid, non-magnetic stainless steel, plated with 2 microns of pure 24-carat gold.

    The PELCO Pro High Precision tweezers are made from a non-magnetic, low carbon stainless steel. The tweezers exhibit good corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts and acids. Typical applications for these tweezers include microscopy preparation, sample handling, precision manufacturing, electronic industry, watch making and general laboratory and medical applications. Although the tweezers are made from a non-magnetic alloy, they are not recommended for use where strong magnetic fields are present. Available in 13 styles and as a set in a top quality plastic wallet with foam lining.

    PELCO® Pro High Precision Tweezers Set
    in top quality, convenient, hard plastic wallet with foam lining

    PELCO® Pro High Precision NM-SS Tweezer Set, Styles 00, 2A, 3C, 5 and 7, in wallet

    This set includes:

    1. #5367-10NM
    2. #5367-11NM
    3. #5367-9NM
    4. #5367-5NM
    5. #5367-7NM