PELCO® Pro High Precision, DLC Coated Tweezer Set

  • PELCO® Pro High Precision, DLC Coated Tweezer Set, Styles 1, 2A, 3C, 5 and 7, in a wallet

    PELCO Pro High Precision, DLC Coated Tweezer Set in top quality, convenient, hard plastic wallet with foam lining. Includes:


    Diamond Like Carbon coated tips. 10 styles.

    The PELCO® Pro High Precision DLC Coated Tweezers are made from a non-magnetic, low carbon stainless steel with the tips coated with Diamond Like Carbon. The tweezers exhibit good corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts and acids. The DLC coating is hard and has a thickness of only 2 um to retain high elasticity. The DLC coating is applied with a plasma assisted deposition technique where during the coating process, the Diamond Like Carbon film is grown directly on the tips of tweezers (this is not diamond powder bonded on the metal surface). The DLC coated tips have the following features:

    1. High hardness with high elasticity, matt black appearance
    2. Extremely high wear and abrasion resistance (long lifetime tips)
    3. No particulate shedding - Bio-compatible and no contamination of biological tissue with metal particles
    4. Chemically inert up to 350°C / 662°F
    5. ESD safe with surface resistance of 105Ohms

    These tweezers are ideally suited for handling of hard materials, demanding sample preparation, biological, clean room and high use applications. Available in 8 popular styles and as a set in a top quality plastic wallet with foam lining.