PELCO Low Profile SEMClip™ Pin Mounts for FEI/Philips, ZEISS/LEO, Tescan, Cambridge, Leica, Amray and CamScan SEMs


  • PELCO Low Profile SEMClip™ Specimen Mounts

    The PELCO Low Profile SEMClip™ Specimen Mounts have been designed for high tilt and short working distance imaging applications. The flatter style SEMClip™, allows for bringing up the specimen within 1mm of the pole piece of the SEM. They are designed to clamp flat specimens such as silicon chips with a thickness ranging from approx. 0.1 to 1mm. The low profile spring clips are hooked in the provided narrow slots in the specimen mounts and can be moved for optimum positioning. The spring material used is phosphor bronze, which can be easily adjusted to provide better clamping or to accommodate thicker samples.

    The SEMClip™ mounts are ideal to clamp the Silicon Chip Specimen Supports (#16006, #16007 and #16008). If working distance or tilting is no concern, or you need a pre-tilted SEMClip™ mount, you might want to consider the standard PELCO SEMClip™ Specimen Mounts. The PELCO Low Profile SEMclip™ Pin Mounts are available in 12.7, 18 and 25mm diameter and can be used on FEI/Philips, ZEISS/LEO, Tescan, Cambridge, Leica, Amray and CamScan SEMs. For JEOL SEMs there is a 25mm diameter cylinder mount available and for Hitachi SEMs the Low Profile SEMClip™ is available in 15 and 25mm diameter cylinder mounts.

    Note: All of the mounts below are shown holding 0.5mm (0.02") thick Silicon Chip Specimen Supports to demonstrate functionality.

    16111-55 - PELCO Low Profile SEMClip™, Ø12.7mm Pin Mount, 2 short clips

    16119-55 - PELCO Low Profile SEMClip™, Ø18mm Pin Mount, 3 short clips

    16144-55 - PELCO Low Profile SEMClip™, Ø25mm Pin Mount, 2 short and 2 long clips