PELCO® Large Universal Vise Clamp


  • Interchangeable
    Modular SEM Specimen Holders

    This extensive line of specimen holders all have a female M4 thread and are compatible with all of our modular SEM Stage Adapters. If used with the Jeol or ZEISS/LEO dovetail stage adapter one of the adapter buttons 15372 or 15372-10 is needed.

    15475-4 - PELCO® Large Universal Vise Clamp, M4

    15475-10 - Replacement Vise Clamps for Large Universal Vise, pkg/2

    15475-20 - Replacement Pins for Large Universal Vise, 3/4" long, pkg/10

    The large and extremely versatile vise clamp is intended for large and heavy samples or awkwardly shaped samples. Will clamp samples between 0-90mm. The two bases move 0-25mm. The array of holes take precision stainless steel 1/16" pins (10 pins are included) for either clamping the sample or for positioning the vise clamps (included). Each base has 9 positions for the vise clamp to enable optimum holding of samples up to 90mm. Overall size is 40W x 90L x 25mmH (1.6 x 3.5 x 1”). M4 threaded hole in the base.

    Extended Button (15372-10) is needed when used with the Dovetail Stage Adapters (15371 or 15397).

    Screws used are 2-56 x 3/16 flat head screw, stainless steel and 2-56 x 1/8 cup point set screw, stainless steel.