PELCO® Immunostaining Pad made from PTFE

  • PELCO® Grid Holder Pads

    Unique silicone rubber pads which act as effective resting points for electron microscopy grids, during processing. Bumping, jostling, jerky movements and carrying accidents can destroy or damage valuable EM grids with mounted sections. Grid Holder Pads minimize such damage by the unique "clean" adherence of the grid to the silicone rubber surface. Three types listed. White

    PELCO® Immunostaining Pad made from PTFE

    The pad was designed to save chemicals when processing small specimens. Can be used in the Microwave Processor, resists most chemicals and is easy to clean. Angle cut on one corner for orientation. 40 concave recesses, 4.5mm dia. x 1.5mm deep (0.18 x 0.06").

    The overall size of the pad is 41.91 x 69.85 x 6.35mm thick. Shown actual size.