PELCO Image Tabs™, 260µm (10mil) Carbon Conductive Tabs, Double Coated

  • The thicker PELCO Image Tabs™ is a stiff 260µm (10mil) thick smooth conductive tab. Though not as conductive or sticky as the current 5mil PELCO Tabs™, PELCO Image Tabs™ are suitable as a photographic background and are repositionable. This tab is also suitable for Jet Scan applications where the tab must be removed and archived. The PELCO Image Tab's™ surface is less prone to bubbling and cracking when metal coated under vacuum and thus better than the 125µm (5mil) PELCO Tab™ as a photographic background for small particles like pollen and insect parts.

    Both sides of the 200µm thick conductive polycarbonate base have 30µm thick conductive adhesive. Total thickness is 260µm with a liner on both sides. Protection for handling, storage and shipping is provided on one side by the transparent liner sheet and on the other side by the white liner cover.

    The conductive adhesive is a carbon-filled acrylic, free of solvents. It can be removed from the specimen mount with ethyl acetate, ethanol, isopropanol, alcohols or our 3M™ Adhesive Remover 80924 which is solvent-free. Temperature maximum is 60°C (140°F). Small impurities of Ni, Cu, Si, Sb, S, Na, P and very small impurities of Fe and Mg can be found. Refrigeration will increase shelf life but a warm-up time of 1 hour is then required before use.

    Conductive Tabs, Tapes and Sheets Comparison Table

    PELCO Image Tabs™, Carbon Conductive Tabs, 12mm OD, pkg/100