PELCO® High Performance Ceramic Adhesive


  • The PELCO® High Performance Ceramic Adhesive has been especially developed for bonding and sealing ceramics, metals, quartz and glass for high vacuum, high temperature and cryo applications. It is a dispersion of alumina in an inorganic silicate aqueous solution. Comes in the form of a paste and can be easily applied with a brush or a spatula. Good mechanical strength is achieved within minutes at room temperature. Curing schedule is 2 hours at 93°C (200°F). Full properties are reached after curing. It provides both low electrical and thermal conductivity. Sold in 2 sizes: a container holding 1 pint (473ml) or a container holding 50 grams (approx. 22ml).

    Technical Notes, PELCO® High Performance Ceramic Adhesive (106KB PDF)

    F, I- 16026, 16026-10 SDS (109KB PDF)


    1. One component, easy to use system
    2. Inorganic system without VOC’s or hydrocarbons – high vacuum compatible
    3. Wide temperature range – Cryogenic to 1650°C (3000°F)
    4. High electrical and thermal resistance
    5. Good mechanical strength
    6. High chemical resistance
    For conductive applications consider Product #16047


    Cg Suspected Carcinogen
    C Corrosive
    F Flammable
    I Irritant
    L Lachrymator
    O Oxidizing
    R Radioactive
    S Sensitizer
    T Toxic
    U Unlisted as hazard; unknown hazard if any