PELCO® Gold Coated Silicon Wafers


  • 2" and 4" gold coated silicon wafers, useful for a variety of applications such as SEM or AFM supports, nanotechnology and biotechnology. Both Cr and Au are evaporated on the silicon wafers using a vacuum evaporation system with chromium between the glass and the gold to serve as an adhesion layer. The gold surface is not atomically flat, but has bumps in the nm range. The wafers are packed and shipped in a wafer carrier. Au coating should be stable to about 175° C; above that temperature delamination could occur.


    1. Wafer: thickness 4”, 460 - 530µm, 2”, 254 – 301µm, <111> orientation, P-type
    2. Chromium adhesion layer thickness: 5nm
    3. Gold layer thickness: 50nm (±5nm)
    4. Diameter: 2" or 4"