PELCO® Gold Coated AFM/STM Metal Specimen Discs

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  • Advanced Nanotechnology Specimen Support

    PELCO® Gold Coated AFM/STM Discs provide excellent substrates for mounting specimens due to their excellent resistance to electromigration, high electrical and thermal conductivity and high temperature operation properties. Gold is the most inert metal. Its adhesion to polymers is expected to be lower than that of other metals, however polymer irradiation with UV light and plasma discharge have been reported to enhance metal-polymer adhesion.

    High quality gold coated magnetic stainless steel (alloy 430) discs for Atomic Force Microscopy are offered with smooth edges and consistently flat surfaces. The AFM/STM discs are 22 gauge which is 0.0299" (0.76mm) with a range of 0.0269" to 0.0329" (0.68 to 0.84mm) thickness, coated on all sides with 0.25 microns of gold. The discs are supplied in PELCO® AFM/STM Disc Carriers. They are available in 10, 12, 15 and 20mm diameter.