PELCO® Clamping TEM Grid Holder Block

  • The PELCO® Clamping TEM Grid Holder Block is designed to hold the 3mm or 3.05mm grids securely at the rim for coating and handling. Designed to use in vacuum deposition systems for applications such as carbon evaporation, sputtering or electron beam deposition. This clamping block can also be used for secure shipping of TEM grids. This block holds a maximum of 45 grids in a densely packed area. The top opening holes are slightly tapered with an opening of 2.5mm at the bottom. The base part has venting holes (Ø1mm) for vacuum pumping with counter bored cavities to hold the TEM grids. Grooves are provided for easy loading and removing the TEM grids. The top plate has raised rims to clamp the grids securely. The top and base plate are easily assembled using the tapered guiding pins and are held together with two allen screws.
    Overall size is 48 x 48 x 10mm (1.9" x 1.9" x 0.4").

    1. PELCO® Clamping TEM Grid Holder Block for 45 Grids