PELCO® CF ESD Safe, Tweezers Set


  • Carbon reinforced PVFD and Carbon reinforced Polyamide 66. 6 styles in each material ESD Safe, Cleanroom compatible.

    5109 - Set of 5 PELCO® CF ESD Safe, Polyamide 66 Tweezers in clear plastic pouch.

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    5110 - Set of 6 PELCO® CF ESD Safe, Polyamide 66 Tweezers in clear plastic pouch.

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    PELCO® ESD Safe CF, Polyamide 66 Tweezers
    Sharp Points and Flat Tips

    These high performance precision, conductive, PELCO® SV ESD Safe, PVDF And Pelco® CF Polyamide tweezers are ideal for forensic, electronic and sample preparation applications where handling of scratch-sensitive material or samples is required. The soft touch surface avoids cutting or damaging hairs, fibers, paper, bullets and rounds. Compatible for clean room applications and suitable for chemical processing. Light weight, strong and sturdy material. Also ideal for magnetic applications, since the material will not be magnetized. The tweezers are made of carbon fiber reinforced PVDF (polyvinylidene flouride) or CF (carbon fiber reinforced polyamide 66) and have the following features:

    1. Smooth surface paired to high mechanical strength and toughness
    2. Anti-static, ESD safe material
    3. Heat stabilized, continuous use with temperatures ranging from -40° to 150°C (-40 to 302°F)
    4. High purity - clean room compatible
    5. High abrasion resistance
    6. Excellent chemical resistance to most acids and solvents
    7. Resists HF (40% - 90°C / 194°F); HNO3 (50% - 90°C / 194°F); HCL (36% - 90°C / 194°F)
    8. Resistant to UV and X-ray radiation
    9. Chemical Compatibility Plastic Material Chart for CF, CP, LC, SV and DG

    Typical applications:

    1. Handling of scratch sensitive samples
    2. Cleaning and etching processes
    3. Handling of static and/or static-sensitive components
    4. Handling of soft specimens
    5. Handling of magnetic specimens