PELCO Bell Jar Kleen™

  • PELCO Bell Jar Kleen™ is a non-scratching polishing and cleaning compound specially formulated for glass and porcelain surfaces. Ideally suited for cleaning glass bell jars used on vacuum evaporators, vacuum chambers from sputter and carbon coaters and glass windows in large coating systems. Can be used on vacuum chambers made from Corning, Schott or Pyrex glass. Also suitable to clean metal surfaces, like stainless steel, aluminum and copper parts, but will scratch surfaces on soft metals. Main ingredient of this environmentally friendly product is calcium carbonate. Does not contain phosphorus, chlorines or dyes. Use water and textile wipes or cloths for a fast cleaning action. Wipe away residue with clean moist wipes. Recommended final clean of vacuum parts is with a alcohol/acetone solution. Sold in 14 oz. (395gram) container.
    SDS (182KB PDF)