PELCO® AFM Tip and Resolution Test Specimen


  • This product is intended for checking the tip sharpness (not height calibration); AFM tips wear down and can get damaged resulting in blurry lines, especially at the nano scale. For example, a worn tip would have the cobalt particles looking oblong rather than round. The second feature of this product is in helping the microscopist get down to the nanoscale. having a uniform coverage of nanoscale features, you know what to look for and what to expect.

    A single layer of cobalt particles provide an excellent and stable substrate for AFM tip characterization and instrument operation. Image at top demonstrates height calibration at 1nm (red line profile) and 3nm (green line profile) on the standard to indicate a sharp tip. Can be used in water as long as there are no chemicals present which would react with the substrate or the Co particles.

    The Co particles are flattened half spheres (droplets) with the radius typically larger than the height. There is a distribution of particle heights between 1 and 5nm. The measured widths will largely depend on the size of the tip, however, they are round.

    Available on 5x5mm silicon wafer chips, unmounted or mounted, on 12mm stainless steel metal disk. Tip characterization down to angstrom resolution is easily attained. Ready-to-scan test specimen.