PELCO® 40 SEM Pin Mount Stand

  • ideal for storage or preparation

    This practical pin mount stand made out of clean solid aluminum is either useful for storage or specimen preparation of large numbers of pin mounts. The pin mount stand can hold 40 of the standard 12.7mm (1/2") pin mounts or 12 of the 25mm (1") mounts. The pin mount stand is compatible with all types of SEM pin mounts up to 100mm (4") diameter and with the pin mount type SEM specimen holders. Six of these pin mount stands fit on a shelf in a 12"x12"x12" desiccator creating a storage capacity of 240 standard pin mounts per shelf!. Also very practical for storing pin mount type SEM specimen holders.

    The PELCO® Pin Mount Stand can also be used for supporting pin mounts and pin type SEM specimen holders when mounting specimen. Ideal when preparing large numbers of specimens. One corner of the pin mount stand has a notch to aid as a locator.

    Overall size is 137x89x16mm (5.39"x3.5"x0.63").