PELCO® Grid Box for FIB Lift-Outs

  • Two-part ESD-safe box for holding FIB grids, half grids and processed lift-outs. Grids are held in a specially shaped pocket that minimizes movement and protects the pins from contact with any surface. The insert lid ensures each grid is captured securely in the pocket. Box holds 100 grids. Pockets are locatable by labeled column (A-K) and row (1-10). Small cutouts at the edges of the pockets allow easy access for tweezers for loading and unloading.


    ESD-safe plastic
    Easy placement and removal with tweezers or vacuum tool
    Lid insert for secure holding of processed grids
    Index card for sample labelling
    Stackable boxes compatible with slide box storage
    Overall size: 104 L x 94 W x 32mm H (4.10 x 3.70 x 1.26")